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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sour Apple Liquid Courage

Well it's been several days since Bryn took her medication.  She requested the tablet be crushed and placed in her food.  That worked for a few weeks.  Then she decided she would look for it.  If she saw it, she wouldn't take it.  I got pretty good at hiding it and she took it without knowing she had for several days.  Then she asked me one night at bedtime, "have you been giving me my medicine?"  I had a small window of time to decide if I would lie and say no or tell the truth.  I chose the truth.  She has refused breakfast ever since.  Wouldn't eat anything.  Great way to start the day, right?

The days don't end so great either.  The 4 hours I spend with her after school haven't been very peachy.  She seems to have a super short fuse. Has been downright mean and scary.  Bedtimes are no longer calm and loving.  I don't know how much of that can be attributed to the stress of a 7 hour school day or the lack of medicine in her system after having it for a while.  Maybe just a bad combination of both.

Well, I finally told our play therapist that I thought it was unrealistic to expect a 6 year old to take a quartered tablet that tastes like crap.  She agreed and spoke to the prescribing doctor and now we are going to try sour apple  flavored liquid Fluoxetine for the first time tomorrow.  I am going to let her do it herself to lower the anxiety.  I hope and pray she will be successful and we can get on with the treatment and lower the morning anxiety.

If you are the praying type and are reading this before 8:15 AM Eastern Time, please pray, Bryn will take her sour apple courage and that if she doesn't, I can stay calm, loving and supportive.

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