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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

News from the teacher....

My email to Bryn's teacher follows:
Now that Bryn is making it to the classroom unassisted, how are things going once she arrives? 

How are specials going?

Have you had any luck with her reading aloud to you?  Have you tried yet? 

What is she like on the playground these days?  

She mentioned a fire drill.  How did that go?

Did she seem nervous at all during the spelling tests?

Please describe any talking that occurs.  

We have another doctor's appointment next week.  I would like to be able to provide some information on how school is going. 

When we arrived late that morning last week, I heard a child say, "she doesn't talk much."  Has this happened other times?  Has Bryn heard statements like these?  Here's the answer I like best, "She speaks a lot when she is comfortable. She will talk when she is relaxed and ready.”  I think I sent this before, but wasn't sure.  I also have books that could be shared if you think you want to do that when Bryn is at her next doctor's appointment.  I am not sure if that would make her classmates more likely to make her feel uncomfortable or what.

Teacher's response: Bryn comes in with a smile and gets busy on her work.  She seems very comfortable most days and chats with friends all day long.  The only situation that seems to give Bryn anxiety is adult males.  She got upset last week when we went to Spanish with Mr. Casey and Mr. Beattie (gym) said she still will not participate in class.  I am not sure if this is something you see at home but this will impact academic progress as there are many male teachers now in our building and more as they get into middle school and high school.  Do you have any insight into this specific situation?  Special area with Mrs. Hammess (Music) and Mrs. Simmons (Art) seems to be going great. 

I have not had any luck having her read with me individually.  I have tried but she would not respond.  Did she ever read with her Kindergarten teacher?  She was very excited to take home her reading book today so hopefully she will read with you or her dad.

Fire drill was fine and she didn’t seem anxious at all.

She is mingling with friends and playing on the playground.  She talks, laughs and has a great time with her friends!

Lastly, I don’t think the kids think much of her being quiet because most of the time she is not.  She still doesn’t share during community circle but other than individual times she is just as chatty as the other students. 

I hope this answers the questions below and gives you some information for your appointment.  She is doing a great job and doesn’t seem upset when she comes to the room.  Please let me know if there is any further information that would help out. 

Me again: There is some great news here, but as always, I pick out the little part that seems to say to me, "the teacher doesn't get it, she thinks this is all BS."  I am just so defensive about all this.  I just get so mad.  Well duh, it will impact academic progress.....  We are working on it now.  Hopefully this will all just be dust behind us on the road of life soon.  


  1. Bliss,
    We always say that dealing with SM is like two steps forward and 1.98 steps back. With every bit of progress there seems to be some frustrating, confusing setback. This is just a long, complicated condition. I feel defensive a lot too, because I do think people think we're just overbearing crazy parents for worrying so much about it. But we have to worry about it--we're the only ones who truly understand what it's in and day out. Hang in there. I'm so glad your daughter is having so much success, even though it's not always easy.


  2. P.S. I'm so glad we found each other!