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Friday, September 17, 2010

I am one happy mommy!

Finally a break in the misery.  We had success with the new medicine.  I was blessed with some wonderful clarity the first morning Bryn was to try the new medicine.

She woke up on her own which is a huge blessing!  Usually I have had to make repeated trips to her room to get her out of bed.  I told her I was going to teach her how to take her medicine all by herself.  I started by showing her with water how little the dose was.  It's .675 ML.  You could hardly even call it a sip.  Then, I let her just fill and squirt out the dose with water.  I then, filled it with water and squirted into my mouth.  After she watched that, I had her smell the medicine.  We agreed it smelled just like a sour apple candy. I showed her it was clean just like the water.  I asked her if she thought she wanted to practice with water to see how it felt to squirt it in her mouth.  She did that for a while, then I said when you are ready to try the real medicine, let me know.  She did so pretty soon.  I made sure she had the right dose and went about my morning business.  Before I knew it, she was grinning and so proud of herself for doing it all by herself.  I was celebrating and dancing on the inside, but just gave her a high five.  I have been so successful when I can have the clarity to break "trying new things" into baby steps.  I sometimes forget to do this though.

She had been having trouble getting out of the van at school.  The expectation was that she needed to jump out at the curb and walk to her class by herself.  The same morning, she did that all by herself too.  Here's how that worked out.  I had told her play therapist that I couldn't get her to stay at school after our last appointment.  Bryn's teacher said to just take her home.  I did.  The therapist recommended having someone meet Bryn at the van and walk her to class.  I told Bryn about this and asked her who she would feel comfortable with.  She said, "I'll just do it myself."  I also added an incentive that if she did this every day of the week, she and I could have a sleepover.  I must admit, I had my doubts, but Thursday she just jumped right out and walked to class!  WOW!  More silent celebrating.  Making huge progress these last two days as she repeated these successes again today.

I can't even describe what a high this was after so many lows.  I was soooooo happy!

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