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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Increasing meds and I am scared!

Well, still not feeling good about the practice we are using to help Bryn.  It just doesn't seem they are giving us any skills we can use to lessen anxiety.  All they have given us so far is a chart that Bryn will put a happy face on every time she gets ready in the morning without a fuss or fight.  If she get's 3 smiles/week, she gets something out of a treasure chest at their office.  Big deal.  I could do that on my own.

Now since she isn't magically well adapted because of the 2.5mg of Prozac, she gets more Prozac.  UGH!  It's getting bumped up to 4mg.  I am afraid this will affect her in a bad way.  She already seems more irritable, more defiant than before meds.  She can't sit still for dinner, she fights with her sister more........

I asked the play therapist when given the chart, "what tools can I use if the fussing and fighting continue?"  The answer I got was just talk to her about how going to school is her responsibility.  "School is safe" blah, blah, blah."  I ALREADY DO THAT!  It doesn't work.  It doesn't calm her down.  It doesn't help her want to go.  I didn't think bribing was good for SM treatment.  Isn't that what this is.  Sure, we are not bribing her to talk..... but I am just so confused.

Thinking about seeking help elsewhere, but I know "new things" are hard for SM kids.  It will be like starting all over again.  Also, way farther from home.  We are already having trouble making all the appointments work.

Confused as usual.  More questions than answers.  One fuss free day long will it last.  Waiting for the 1.98 steps back since the 2 steps forward.


  1. I so understand your frustration. I'm sorry you don't feel like the docs are giving you enough real-world therapeutic tools to coincide with the meds. With our therapist, we are also doing a "sticker program" with incentives for specific behavioral goals like listening and "safe behavior" (since D has a tendency to run off down the street when he's angry or stressed). This program seems to be working generally with improving his behavior while we still try to address what's causing the behavior.

    With our therapist's guidance, we're working really hard to label feelings when D is acting out--like "I see you're feeling mad. Is the mad feeling small, medium, or large?" It sounds crazy but it seems to help nip the acting-out in the bud--just calling attention to it in a calm and empathetic way and not getting frustrated or mad myself (easier said than done sometimes). Also, we are working on relaxation techniques and deep breathing. There's a book called "A Boy and a Bear" that demonsrates these deep breaths in a way kids can understand. It's not the best illustrated book in the world, but it helped D "get it." Now, we've gotten D to the point that while he does the breath, I say, "In with the air, out with the worries." Sometimes I say, "in with the air, out with the shyness." Anyway, these things combined have not created any miracles, but I do see small improvements in the overall acting-out and stress.

    On the roller coaster with you and you have all my support.

  2. Thanks Kim. I will try some of these things. I'll try anything!